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 Snd ‎- 21

recently reissued on colored vinyl + twice as many tracks as the original. issued in a set of three double LPs. big fan of the sound and anything related to the old “clicks and cuts” genre. early 2000s idm/glitch was more developed than this generation’s popular homogenized and plastic sound. i’d like to buy all three 2xLPs but they’ll cost around $100 /w shipping from the UK


Pressure Traxx presents PTX 009
Ricardo Villalobos - “Voodog” - Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Side A - Voodog Pt. 1
Side B - Voodog Pt. 2

Release date: September 2014
Distributed by: www.DBH-music.com


Pressuretraxx - Ricardo Villalobos “Voodog”

HWSD004 - Volcano Classic

hardworksoftdrink by Felix Reifenberg - Volcano Classic

A1 Felix Reifenberg - Novacasa
A2 Felix Reifenberg & Cedric Dekowski - 2014 Patch
B1 Felix Reifenberg & Thilo Dietrich - Alome
B2 Felix Reifenberg & Cedric Dekowski & Muanda - Lando

Mod2&303box “Court Métrage” LP


Nous Ethos series A2

(Source: vimeo.com)

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